5 Tips To Differentiate Your Personal Brand

Your own personal brand focuses on the impression you give to others, how they will best remember you, and what people they are likely to associate you with – both now and in the future.

To put this another way, your personal brand is your own unique identity and marker in the business world, being a representation of all your knowledge, talent, skills, and disposition. Your knowledge and capabilities, in combination with how you operate and present yourself, are all equally important factors in developing a successful personal brand.

Building your brand can be an extremely effective technique for gaining a competitive edge in any activity you do, whether personal or professional in nature.

Here are five tips to help you create a personal brand that will differentiate you from others:

1.    Develop a Brand Strategy

One of the most important steps you can take is to develop a marketing strategy around furthering your own image. Personal brands can allow you to differentiate yourself by consistently and regularly stating and leveraging your own unique values. If you identify and broadcast the points which distinguish you from others in your field through the likes of social media and other channels – you will see a significant increase in your own brand reach.

2.    Utilize Social Media

It is vital to establish credibility and authority within your brand space. Looking to build a powerful network of individuals and brands which are relevant to your field and will engage with you can be highly beneficial.

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are very useful for this – with you having easy access to tens of thousands of like-minded individuals. Concentrate on connecting with people who empower you and offer the opportunity to grow. If you can position yourself alongside these values, you’ll set yourself up for a good start.

3.    Deliver a Collection of Personal Core Messages

Consumer trust isn’t built overnight, but if built properly, it’s less likely to be destroyed as easily either. Flexibility and adaptability in brand communications can be a strong driving force for cultivating trust amongst your connections and audience. Regularly broadcasting your values and beliefs will help define consumer desires on when, where, and how – aligning yours and their interests together.

4.    Create and Publish Insightful Content

One of the key methods of building a personal brand that stands out from the crowd in 2021 is by publishing your own insightful content on trends and topics which are relevant to your field.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have a strong perspective on numerous areas which you want to highlight, and you’ll need to be able to communicate it clearly and on a regular basis.

This content can be published in many different forms, with the most common formats being:

  • Video Content: Quick, 1-minute snippets can be a good starting point.
  • Blogging: It is easier than ever to start your own blog – developing a written content library can go a long way to establishing yourself as a name that shouldn’t go ignored.
  • Social Media Posts: Creating engaging posts and engaging with others about the topics you have published can result in your network expanding quickly.

5.    Be Genuine

Now more than ever, people want to know that brands, whether personal or corporate, are transparent and that what they see is what they get. Authenticity is therefore a key component for developing a personal brand that will resonate with a large audience.

So, when developing your personal brand make sure not to put on any false pretenses. You need to back up what you say and behave in a way that is consistent with your brand. Doing this will help you develop a loyal following of supporters.

Establishing a Personal Brand at Work

When the term personal brand is used, people tend to think of politicians, executives, or even celebrities. The concept of a personal brand has expanded to include all kinds of trades and positions, no matter the industry. Implementing one for yourself may help to advance your career.

So where do you begin?

What is a Personal Brand?

While it can have various definitions, a personal brand boils down to your distinct professional reputation. This includes the skills and values that you can offer to your employer, and is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

A personal brand is a roadmap of your desired career trajectory that can be used to make the decisions that will help you along the way. This can help adjust any preconceptions that your coworkers and supervisors may have of you while putting you in a position that could lead to promotions/advancements where you might’ve been overlooked upon before.

Here are some ways you can begin to solidify your personal brand:

1. Offer to take on new challenges/opportunities.

If you want to progress in your career by establishing a personal brand, maintaining your status quo isn’t going to help. The next time a new project is introduced that’s in the direction of projects you’d like to move towards, offer ideas that you think could be beneficial, or offer to take responsibility for some of the tasks that it entails. Showing interest and initiative can leave the door open for future opportunities.

2. Speak up.

It can be difficult for others to realize your full potential if you aren’t making yourself known. By voicing your opinion and sharing occasional personal anecdotes, your authentic self can shine through. This may encourage others to open up and help foster a creative and communicative environment for everyone.

You should also consider having a discussion with your supervisor. If you inform them of your career goals, they may be able to offer advice and feedback. They’ll appreciate having an employee that is actively working to improve and taking initiative on projects and tasks.

3. Be consistent.

Once you start taking these steps to build your personal brand you’ll want to be patient and consistent. A good reputation is achieved when evidence of a positive pattern can be observed by others. Self-improvement takes time and evolves as you continue to grow and learn about yourself. Maintaining consistency in your work and attitude will help your coworkers and supervisors trust in your abilities.

Personal brands can help you take your career to the next step while also making you feel more confident. It’s never too late to start on a journey of self-improvement.