employees going over their healthcare options

ACA Requirements Remain In Effect Pending Further Guidance or Legislation

President Trump has signed an executive order calling upon federal agencies to consider expanding health care options in 3 major areas to potentially increase competition and lower costs. Until further guidance is issued or legislation is signed, however, all current ACA requirements remain in effect, including penalties for noncompliance.

The following are key highlights of the order:

  • Association Health Plans (AHPs): The executive order directs the U.S. Department of Labor to consider expanding access to AHPs, which could potentially allow employers to form groups across state lines.
  • Short-Term, Limited Duration Insurance (STLDI): The executive order directs federal agencies to consider ways of expanding coverage through low-cost STLDI, which is not subject to certain ACA rules.
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs): HRAs are tax-advantaged, employer-established arrangements that allow eligible employees to be reimbursed for qualified medical expenses. The executive order directs federal agencies to consider changes to the rules regulating HRAs to increase their usability, expand employers’ ability to offer them to employees, and allow them to be used in conjunction with nongroup coverage.

For more information on this executive order, click here.

Note: In general, executive orders must be implemented in a manner consistent with applicable law, including the Administrative Procedure Act, which requires extended review of and public comment on any federal rules which may be proposed as a result of an executive order. Going forward, we will promptly report changes made to any ACA requirements.